Natural Crystal Water Bottle Healing Obelisk Elixir Quartz Crystal


Natural Crystal Water Bottle Healing Obelisk Elixir Quartz Crystal

100% Natural healing quartz crystal rock stone 

Promotes natural health, concentration, spiritual growth


Type: Natural quartz crystal point energy water bottle

Material: Natural quartz, Glass, Bamboo

Quartz Crystal Point: Rose quartz, Amethyst

Main Colour: As Shown

Feature: With bag

Bottle Height: About 250mm(9.842")

Net Weight: About 550g

Function: Stone generator, energy generator, reiki wand spirituality growth

Why You Need It:


Quartz crystal is called a “vacuum cleaner", may help to absorb disease, negativity, evil spirits.

Can be used to set up a seven-star array, is good for meditation and visualization practices.

Its powerful energy gathers at the top, great for healing and adjusting the body and spirit.

Can help play a role on reducing radiation of home appliances.

Can help to balance your body and mind, adjust your emotions, help to concentrate spirit.


Because it is 100% natural crystal:

The size & weight of every crystal is always is different.

The colour may also have some difference with the product shown.

Package List:

1x Quartz Crystal stone Water Bottle With Bag


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