Simple Healing 7 Chakras Crystal Ball Kit


This 7 chakra crystal ball kit consists of 7 crystal balls. The crystal balls are made of amethyst, transparent crystal, tiger's eye, green aventurine, obsidian, and so on. This kit has very strong healing natural energy. They help relieve stress, improve concentration, relieve anxiety, rejuvenate, promote calm and reduce fear. Natural energy gathers inside the crystal ball and then radiates. This crystal ball kit is equipped with a black base for better placement of these crystal balls.

We have also prepared a collection box for this crystal kit, which is convenient for you to store these crystals and give them as gifts to friends.


  • Material: Natural Crystal
  • Shape: Crystal Ball
  • Ball Size: 15*15mm
  • Weight: 88g

Painless Return & Exchange

We provide 30 days painless return and exchange, just contact our customer service support.

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