Crystal Life Tree Energy Generation Pyramid


Amazing crystal pyramid it is! It has the same vibrant colour as the earth and has built-in trees made of copper wires and green crystals.

This pyramid can gather and purify the energy in the universe, and then send it out. Olivine is the stone of wealth, and wrapping the olivine money tree in the pyramid will help you attract more positive energy and wealth.

The chip crystals at the bottom of the pyramid converts negative energy into positive energy and releases it through the points on the top. This has a significant effect on balancing chakras, purifying and enhancing the personal energy aura!

Crystal Pyramid is an excellent decoration choice for your office, home, dining table, desk, etc. It can reduce the negative energy generated by computers, TVs, and other household appliances on the human body. When used as a feng shui decoration, it can enhance the positive atmosphere of the home. You can also have a sweet dream at the bedside.


  • Material: Olivine, Crystal Crushed Stone, Copper Wire
  • Color: Yellow/Purple/Blue
  • Size: 6*6*6cm

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